Our High Quality Rebounders have the MOST buoyant and enjoyable “BOUNCE” available in South Africa (no jarring on your joints, nerves and skeletal system) – just pure, smooth healthy bouncing! They’ve been tried and tested in fitness centers, health and weight loss clinics, therapy rooms, offices, schools, clinics, and private homes throughout Southern Africa – and they are LOVED by all!

Best ‘bouyant” bounce

We offer a high quality, Health Bounce Pro rebound unit designed to accommodate all participants (up to 130kg’s). These units are very different to those bought at major stores. They fold in half, have spring loaded legs, with an option of support bar, carry bag, book and DVDs; but the most important difference is in the spring size.

Our units use a jumbo tapered spring to ensure a soft absorbant bounce. This greatly reduces impact, ensuring safe and enjoyable bouncing without harm to the ankle, knee or lower back.

Do you need support bars

Usually relatively fit and healthy participants don’t make use of the Bars. They are generally requested by people who are either recovering from illness or are frail, if they experience dizziness easily – or if they simply just want extra support on the mat. They’re also great to keep you centered on the mat if you want to watch TV or focus on work while rebounding.


Buy your Rebounder


Buy the ALL NEW Health Bounce Pro Rebounder direct from our online store.

We also offer affordable, reliable shipping that will deliver your purchase straight to your door.


Accessories & spares


We stock a range of accessories and spare parts to keep your Rebounder in tip top shape.

Extend the capabilities of your Rebounder or buy parts that need to be replaced from our online store!


Let us teach you how!


We stock a range of Rebounding books & DVD's that will get you exercising straight away.

Whatever the condition, find out how to care for and nourish your body the right way!

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