Certify as a Rebounding Instructor

Join South Africa’s leading specialists in Rebounding!

Learn how to facilitate a class in one of the most enjoyable and effective activities available.

Keith & Justine have specialized in Rebounding since 2002. Their personal hands-on experience of rebound training for fitness centres, sports people, weight loss, health clinics and therapists – for all sectors including for children – to extreme fitness – right through to the elderly, is unparralelled in Southern Africa.

Their Instructors course is unique in that it shows you how and why Rebounding is one of the most unique and effective activities – and demonstrates how to use Rebounding in the safest and most effective, efficient and enjoyable way.

Students are empowered to be able to structure a session or class for many different needs and occasions. Upon completion they will have the skills to:

  1. Present classes exactly as demonstrated and supplied with
    the course and/or
  2. Create their own class style with the skills they have learned.

Study Options


Available Now
  • Immediate access to our full course content
  • through the ReboundSA website
  • Theory (11 videos), Practical (7 videos)
  • & Maintenance (8 videos) available for a full year
  • 52 page course manual (.pdf download)
  • Bonus 4 DVDs (27 videos)
  • The Book “Rebounding for Health and Fitness” (.pdf download)
  • Distance Assessments: Practical & Theory
  • ReboundSA Certificate of Competence upon course
  • & assessment completion (you will need to complete it within 6 months)
  • Q&A and support is available via phone, email or WhatsApp.
  • All future updates to course content.
  • For international purchases (outside of South Africa), please click here

Pre-requisites & Benefits


The course is suitable for anyone interested in Rebounding.

For a ReboundSA certificate of Competence, participants need to complete a theory & practical assessment at the end of the course which includes:

  1. An online multiple choice theory questionnaire and
  2. A practical demonstration (7-10 min of filmed video)

For participants wanting to facilitate group or individual classes, prior experience and/or a training in fitness or body movement activities (eg: fitness, sports coaching, yoga, pilates, dance or physical therapy etc) is recommended.

Full Ongoing Support

We have an open door policy where students can:

  1. Contact us directly for advice and guidance via phone, email, video call or WhatsApp
  2. Students can re-sit on any scheduled Instructor course
Instructor promotional projects

We promote and highlight all qualified trainers who facilitate Rebounding classes classes through:

  1. A link to your page or website on our website and social media
  2. The ReboundSA Warriors platform – launching in March
  3. Bi-monthly emails with links to training updates, events, free music etc.

The Course includes the following:

After completing the instructor training you will be able to conduct beginners/intermediate/advanced programs and speciality classes.

  1. 1 Introduction to Rebounding
  2. 2 Legalities & Requirements
  3. 3 History of Rebounding
  4. 4 The Lymphatic system
  5. 5 How & why rebounding works
  6. 6 Health vs fitness
  7. 7 Research & Benefits
  8. 8 Human & Equipment Safety
  9. 9 Side effects / contraindications
  10. 10 Class & Routine essentials
  11. 11 Warm-ups & Cool-downs
  12. 12 Basic foundation techniques
  13. 13 The why, when and how to rebound for: Fitness, weight loss, toning, health, energy, and recuperation
  14. 14 G-Force/G-ForceMax routines
  15. 15 Targeting & Lymph Patting
  16. 16 Class preparation
  17. 17 Instruction & choreography
  18. 18 Adjusting for different needs
  19. 19 Using Accessories
  20. 20 Environment & Music
  21. 21 The SEES of rebounding


“Just a note to say thanks for all the wonderful work that you do. You are so knowledgeable and humble. I read this in some book some time back – ‘Lord, transform the poverty of my nature by the richness of your love’, this reminds me of you guys, constantly learning and sharing.”

Anthea - JHB

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both at last and to spend the weekend on your course learning ‘GO JUMP’. I loved every minute of it. Keith, the energy you transmit is unbelievable, you are like a bouncing ball that just can’t be still and I walked away feeling hugely energized.

Beverley - JHB

I took your course in February and love rebounding daily – lost 4 kgs and feel considerably more energetic. Thank you!

Liz - JHB

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