Certify as a Rebounding Instructor

Join South Africa’s leading specialists in Rebounding!

Learn how to facilitate a class in one of the most enjoyable and effective activities available. Keith and Justine have trained the majority of Rebounding Instructors throughout Southern Africa.

Our online program starts in October 2019. If you would like to be notified when this distance course is available online – please fill in the form below.

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from October 2019
  • 4 hours online classes/demo’s & practical instruction
  • 52 page manual (memory stick)
  • 3 x DVD’s with full workouts to practice (memory stick)
  • The Book “Rebounding for Health and Fitness
  • Distance Assessments: Practical & Theory
  • ReboundSA Instructor Certificate upon course & assessment completion

Please note the following:
Anyone can do this course – but a ReboundSA Instructor Certificate of Competence will only be issued to students who submit proof of prior training in one or more forms of fitness Instruction,
i.e. fitness or group instructor, sports coaching, dancing, pilates, yoga etc.

Rebounding Trainers program

Rebounding Trainers program:

After completing the instructor training you will be able to conduct beginners/intermediate/advanced programs and speciality classes.

  1. 1 Introduction to Reboundology
  2. 2 Circulation mastery
  3. 3 Difference between health and vitality
  4. 4 Rebounding History
  5. 5 How rebounding works
  6. 6 The 4 majors of Rebounding
  7. 7 One on one
  8. 8 Group Fitness
  9. 9 Sports enhancement
  10. 10 Reconditioning
  11. 11 Structuring a class
  12. 12 Warm up
  13. 13 Aerobic
  14. 14 Lymph
  15. 15 Resistance
  16. 16 Enhancing other types of training

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the workshop is open to anyone; certification is only available to people who are qualified in personal or group fitness training.


“Just a note to say thanks for all the wonderful work that you do. You are so knowledgeable and humble. I read this in some book some time back – ‘Lord, transform the poverty of my nature by the richness of your love’, this reminds me of you guys, constantly learning and sharing.”

Anthea - JHB

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both at last and to spend the weekend on your course learning ‘GO JUMP’. I loved every minute of it. Keith, the energy you transmit is unbelievable, you are like a bouncing ball that just can’t be still and I walked away feeling hugely energized.

Beverley - JHB

I took your course in February and love rebounding daily – lost 4 kgs and feel considerably more energetic. Thank you!

Liz - JHB

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