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The ALL NEW HEALTH BOUNCE PRO (Black & Yellow Model)


Black & Yellow Model
15 FREE WORKOUTS which target the whole body for Fitness, Health, Strength, Toning, balance, Conditioning and Lymph Drainage. PLUS:
• A 20 min presentation by SA’s Rebounding expert Keith McFarlane on How and Why rebounding works
• Demo’s on How to bounce safely and effectively for health, strength, balance, fitness, Lymph patting, using weights, Belly & buddy bouncing
• Affirmation rebound sessions with Mind Power guru Robin Banks

All video’s can be streamed or downloaded – a link will be sent to you with your Rebound purchase

– Up to 130kgs
– 2-Fold (folds in half) with strong steel hinges
– High Quality mat with yellow safety edge indicator
– 6 spring loaded legs (Extra Strong connections and easy to assemble/fold down) with 6 rubber shoes.
– 36 x 22-coil, jumbo-tapered springs which are secured onto the frame with 36 individual steel bolts.
– Suitable for participants weighing up to 130kg’s
– Includes manual with instruction and guidelines for set up, safety and basic rebounding techniques.


Product Description

– Opened frame diameter 102cm’s,
– folded in bag 102cm x 51cm,
– height off the floor 26cm’s,
– weight 13.5kg’s.



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