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Using the rebounder as a muscle toning or sculpting activity has surprising benefits. The effects of “weightlessness and double impact” (as described above) also apply to muscle flexing and using weights. At the top of your bounce your weights are momentarily weightless, so there is no “drag”. At the bottom of your bounce the weights weigh double, thereby doubling the muscle toning effect. To triple the effect – all you have to do is move the weights up and down (towards and away from gravity).

This may sound like hard work – but it’s not. The springs on the rebounder assist in bouncing you back up from your “doubled” weight – so there’s relatively little strain in lifting your body and any additional weights into the air 100 times a minute.

World Weight lifting record holder and Olympic trainer, Harry Schneider researched this effect and became a world authority on rebounding and optimising professional training with the use of a rebounder.


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