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When you rebound, you bounce approximately 100 times a minute. At the top of each bounce, your ENTIRE body, including your clothes and hair – are weightless. There is no drag or pull from gravity and you weigh 0kg. A moment later, at the bottom of each bounce, your body, including your clothes and hair, weighs double. This phenomenon is called “double impact”.

The result is that one hundred times per minute, you are experiencing between 2 and 4G’s and every single cell in your body is going from weighing nothing to weighing double. Every cell is getting a little squeeze, which can be likened to having a “cellular massage”. By constantly resisting and defying gravity, your body is quite literally being oxygenated, detoxed, nourished – and as a bonus, also generating bio-electricity (this is why you feel so alive after you bounce).

The effects multiply as you go along; as you bounce, the cells cleanse, boosted lymph takes the waste away – which then allows nutrients pumped by an elevated heart rate to be absorbed by your cells more readily.

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