In September 2007, a massive hauler truck pulled up outside our gate – and a team of 16 people offloaded our first container of rebounders. There were rumours at the time that rebounding could be a just passing phase – but we were besides ourselves with excitement, and positive that our savings and a massive loan were worth the risk. We loved rebounding so much we figured even if we didn’t sell them – we’d have rebounders for our family, friends and neighbours for many generations, hahaha.

10 years later, our 22nd container is just about to arrive, and we are still besides ourselves with excitement. The sound of that heavy truck grinding its gears up the steep winding hill to our house has become a familiar one, we wait with coffee, and our team on the stoep, and cheer when it comes into sight. Those rebounders must feel like a rock ‘n roll band!

Keith and I have many laughs about our early days, we were incredibly left-brained; artists, trainers in natural health, musicians – a bit artsy-fartsy really. We spent many days like deer in the headlights, hell bent on offering the very best quality, services and prices in SA – and had many sleepless nights learning the lingo about customs, duties, couriers, FOB, CIF, VAT…ETC.

Over 15 000 homes, businesses, gyms, spa’s, clinics and schools now own one of our rebounders – we also export to countries throughout Africa, Australia and the EU. We’ve trained almost every rebounding Instructor in SA and we’re currently working on a very exciting children’s program. So yes, the risk we took in 2007 was so well worth it.

The 15 000+ sales have been great, but our biggest reward has been the results: feedback we receive either by email, calls, or face to face when we work directly with clients. Hearing that someone has eased, reduced or eliminated a problem as a result of rebounding, or lost the weight they battled for years to lose, toned areas they never thought they could, improved their sporting skills, they or their kids can focus better while studying or being creative, memory has improved, sinuses, colds, and many common symptoms are gone, their energy is fantastic ……..… the list goes on. That’s the best feeling, besides our daughter, nothing else we’ve ever done has ever been so rewarding.

Many of the subscribers of our emails have a rebounder – and we’d like to thank you for your valued support. Please remember that we’re always here, sorting out COB, CIF bla bla ETC, designing new programs, cheering our new containers in…. and offering continued support for all of our customers and clients. Whether you’ve had a memory lapse and forgotten to rebound and want inspiration to start again, or your springs need a quick grease (your own and your rebounders) – or for any reason, please give us a call, email, or pop in (we’re in Glenvista, South of JHB). And lastly, re the rumour from 10 years ago: rebounding is not a passing phase – it is trending though, and always will because the phenomenal fitness and HEALTH benefits of rebounding (especially on good ones like ours) will always be in fashion.

In Bouncing Health (and jumping for joy, leaping lizards etc)
Justine and Keith McFarlane

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Hexagonal shape with 48x Bungee cords, a strong support bar …and a GREAT bounce. We’ve had a few inquiries for this style, some want it for the deeper softer bounce, and some want it to do the new craze of manic froggy bouncing!!! After many trials and tests – we’ve ordered 80 of them to try out, due to arrive at the end of September.

We’ve called this tester one Harley, because a workout on it can either be very relaxing – or quite a wild ride, haha! Our spring rebounders will always be our favorites as they are most suitable for what we, and most people need – but we thought we’d bring this one in for those li’l Hells Angels out there. For more information send us an email.


rebound at home with Lisa Raleigh’s online classes!

Message from Lisa: I am so excited to have collaborated with SA’s leading rebounder experts! I have always loved rebounding and had one in my home, but it really came front and centre during my pregnancy and after having my baby. This is an exercise that is available to every fitness level, and the healthy benefits reach far beyond ten-fold.

I therefore decided to create my own Bounce Back programme, offering the public effective, fun and time-savvy workouts. This will be launching in October alongside my gorgeous, custom imported rebounders, in collaboration with Rebound SA. For the latest updates on Bounce Back and other projects of mine, sign up to my newsletter by sending your email address to